Are we worrying too much about PC performance? (feat. BPS Customs)

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You probably know how many gigahertz your PC can hit, at least according to the manufacturer. But do you actually need all that power? Brain Stroh of BPS Customs joins Gordon on the CES 2023 show floor to break it down for us: FPS counters are ruining gaming. At least that’s what Brian says.

Brian says we should be ignoring the frame count and the benchmarks to focus on the actual experience of the game. “Are you saying performance doesn’t matter?” Not at all — it’s just that there’s such a thing as too much power. Or at the very least, more power than you need for a high-quality gaming experience. Unless you’re a pro gamer counting i-frames, do you really need 240 frames every second in every game?

Of course, we at PCWorld and BPS Customs aren’t entirely without fault. We drool over high-powered hardware too, sometimes without considering what most people can actually put to good use, both for practical applications and PC gaming. “Most people shouldn’t be buying a $1600 graphics card,” Brian says. “But if you are going to buy a $1600 graphics card…it should be this one!” Gordon counters.

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