Best monitor deals: Gaming monitors, 4K workstations, and more

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Picking the right monitor for your home office can be a time consuming task. That’s why we stepped in and curated a list of the best monitor deals available right now. From ridiculously high refresh rate gaming monitors to 4K workstations, we’ve got a wide variety to chose from. We also made sure to hit various price points as well as screen sizes, resolutions, response times, and other features. If you have any questions, we’ve even included a helpful FAQ section at the end of this article.

Everyday monitor deals

Sometimes all you need is a simple monitor for everyday tasks like web surfing, writing email’s, and so on. The picks below are great options for both work or personal use. They’re also good sizes for a home office.

Acer KA272, 27-inch 1080p display/75Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/FreeSync, $119.99 (36%/$70 off at Best Buy)Lenovo L27q-35, 27-inch 1440p display/75Hz refresh rate/FreeSync, $199.99 (13%/$30 off at Amazon)Sceptre E248W-19203R Series, 24-inch 1080p display/75Hz refresh rate/Adaptive Sync, $99.44 (20%/$25.53 off at Amazon)Acer R240HY, 23.8-inch 1080p display/60Hz refresh rate/16:9 aspect ratio, $99.99 (33%/$50 off at Amazon)

The Acer KA272 is a solid everyday monitor for the price, as the 1ms response time really gives it the edge.

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Gaming monitor deals

There’s nothing more annoying than playing a competitive game on a monitor that lags. When every second matters, you need something that can keep up with the flow. That’s where gaming monitors come in. Their high refresh rates are designed to make your game look as smooth as possible.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7, 32-inch curved 2160p display/165Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/FreeSync, $1,161.99 (11%/$138 off at Amazon)Samsung Odyssey G55A, 32-inch 1440p curved display/165Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/FreeSync, $328.88 (6%/$21.11 off at Amazon)

If you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 monitor is worth considering. The 32-inch curved 4K display is both sharp and beautiful.

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4K workstation monitor deals

Are you a content creator? If so, you should consider picking up a 4K monitor. These monitors are perfect for video editing thanks to their high resolution displays. They’re also a good pick for movie buffs. There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite flick on a 4K display, where the details are ultra-sharp.

ThinkVision P32p-20, 31.5-inch 2160p display/60Hz refresh rate/4ms response time, $499 (51%/$535 off at Lenovo)Samsung LU28R55OUQNXZA, 28-inch 2160p display/60Hz refresh rate/4ms response time, $299.99 (14%/$50 off at Best Buy)

When it comes to 4K displays, the bigger the better. You definitely want to see those details. The ThinkVision P32p-20 has a spacious 31.5-inch display, which is the ideal size for photo or video editors.

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Which retailers offer good monitor deals?

Online retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have good discounts, that’s for sure. However, we’d recommend widening your net and buying directly from the manufacturers. Lenovo, for example, is currently having a Cyber Week sale. You can pick up a monitor or laptop for up to 78% off, which is nothing to sneeze at. Dell’s offering a similar sale in which you can save up to 60% and get free shipping.


What should I look for in a good gaming monitor?

When it comes to gaming monitors, refresh rate is important. The refresh rate is how fast a monitor can pull up an image on screen. The faster the fresh rate, the smoother your game will look. For competitive first-person shooters, where every second counts, we’d recommend 144Hz as the minimum rate. Anything higher is good enough for the eSports realm.

Resolution is another important feature to consider. Much like the refresh rate, the higher the number, the better. The resolution has a direct impact on image and video quality. 1080p is the best resolution for 24 inch monitors. For 27 inch monitors, 1440p is ideal.

Response time is a big one, too. Response time is how long it takes for a pixel to change color. A monitor with a 1ms (millisecond) response time, for example, is going to be faster than a monitor with a 5ms response time. This directly impacts how a monitor handles motion.

What about the size? Well, it depends on the distance from the screen. 24 inches is a good option if you’re about three feet from the screen, as it’s small enough to see everything without having to move your head around. 27 inches is better if you’re further than three feet away from the screen.


What should I look for in a good workstation monitor?

4K monitors produce ultra-sharp sharp images and video, so bigger is better in this case. In order to see all those tiny details, we’d suggest springing for a 31 inch monitor (at the very least). You need room for all those delicious pixels. That’s why 4K monitors are perfect for photo or video editors. Watching movies on these monitors is a delightful experience as well.


What size monitor should I buy?

In terms of monitor size, 27-inches is the most common. That’s a good size for a home office. For gaming monitors, 24 or 27 inches is best. You don’t want to be swinging your head around too much in the middle of a fast-paced match. Plus, a larger screen may cause eye strain if you’re sitting too close so it’s better to go smaller. For 4K monitors, go with a 31 inch. 4K resolution brings next-level visuals, so you definitely want to go bigger.