Buying PC parts in 2023: The practical guide (feat. Oz Talks Hardware)

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Let’s be honest: it’s not a great time to build a new desktop. Prices are high on everything, especially the latest and (only sometimes) greatest CPUs and GPUs. If you’re looking for some practical advice on how to find the best hardware at the best prices, we’ve got a special guest over on the PCWorld YouTube channel. Ozi, of the Oz Talks Hardware show, joins Gordon at CES 2023 for some great insights on how to save money on your next build.

Oz knows how to squeeze both PC hardware and the money it costs for everything they’re worth. He recommends that builders wait pretty much whenever they can, especially if you’re trying to build a sub-$1000 PC. If you can hang on until the second half of the year for a graphics card in particular, you’ll be well-positioned to get the best bang for your buck.

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