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If you’re on the outside looking into today’s job market for programmers, it might seem too late to learn how to code. After all, learning one computer language can be intimidating, much less the several languages you’ll need to know to have a competitive resume. But take heart: Once you’ve got the programmer’s mindset, each new language you learn is easier than the last. You’ve just got to find the right teachers – and with the 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle, you’ve got your pick of them, accessible on any device.

This e-learning package isn’t just a random collection of short how-to videos. It’s a complete curriculum that has something for complete beginners and experienced coders alike. Each course is taught by veteran developers and programmers like LearningWhilePracticing founder Joe Ghalbouni and the techies at Mammoth Interactive. Thanks to their hands-on approach, you won’t just be memorizing syntax. You’ll pick up vital coding skills by making your own bots and fun projects.

So exactly what skills can you learn? You can take your pick from most of today’s top platforms. There are entry-level courses galore on C++, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and (of course) Python. Python in particular has no less than five dedicated tutorials, each focused on a different use for this versatile language in the job market. Within hours, you can be building your own working apps with Python, not to mention a medical diagnosis bot and even an escape room. Budding web developers will find plenty of training too, with full courses on the Django web framework and a grab bag of projects that will hone your newfound creative and technical skills. From a full stack web dev class to a walkthrough on the latest developments in augmented reality, you’ll teach yourself something new every day – and have the certifications to prove it.

Right now, PCWorld readers can get the full 14-course bundle for $39.99, hundreds off the total MSRP.


The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle – $39.99

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