How to download your Twitter data

The future of Twitter has now become much murkier, thanks to the recent shake-up in Twitter’s management. But even if you’re not wondering how you’ll have access to your Twitter account as it is, grabbing a copy of your data is never a bad idea. Especially when it’s so easy—exporting your account info is straightforward. Just a few clicks (and a reauthentication of your account credentials) will put in your request for your data archive, which you’ll receive a day or so later.

Here’s how to do it.

How to download a backup of your Twitter data

Before you begin, verify that your email address is confirmed. Also your phone number, if you’ve also added that information to your account. You should also be logged into your Twitter account from the same browser you’ll use to download the archive.

Log into your account. In the left-hand navigation bar, click on the More icon (a circle icon with three horizontal dots). If you only see the icon, you’ll see its name pop up when you hover your mouse over it.


Click on Settings and Support, then Settings and privacy.


Choose Your account, then Download an archive of your data.


Enter your password, then the code generated by the two-step verification process. It can be sent to the email or phone number associated with your account.Click on the blue Request archive button.


As mentioned above, Twitter says that preparing the archive can take a day or more. You’ll receive a notice in the app when the zip file is ready for download.

If you also want to leave Twitter, you can deactivate your account while you’re in your settings. We have a rundown of the step-by-step instructions, but the quick summary is you’ll simply navigate to Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Deactivate your account. After you click on the Deactivate link and enter your password, your account will disappear immediately from the site and enter cold storage for 30 days. If you have second thoughts before that period ends, you can reactivate with everything intact. Otherwise, after the 30 day mark, it vanishes for good.

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