Learn how to overclock PCs, wire your own ethernet cables, and more for $19

Building your first custom PC can be fun, but with enthusiast pursuits like custom looping and overclocking, it’s easy to lose track of what’s most important. Fortunately, you can stay on track with the How to Build a Computer Bundle, on sale now for just $19. 

These easy-to-follow courses are presented by Matt Thomas, an IT professional and self-professed hardware enthusiast. He’ll teach you how to build your very PC, starting with the basics. You’ll learn how to assemble the components, manage cables, and install your OS up to your very first boot.

In the later courses, you’ll discover more advanced concepts like liquid cooling, configuring up RAID storage, creating multi-GPU setups for rendering, and more. Thomas even illustrates how to speed up your laptop and wire your own network hardware. 

Go from computer building beginner to bonafide overclocker with the How to Build a Computer Bundle, available now for $19.


How to Build a Computer Bundle – $19

Build Your First PC

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