Matte vs glossy monitors: Ready? FIGHT! (feat. Graphically Challenged)

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When it comes to monitors, you’ve got an embarrassment of riches to choose from. Size, resolution, refresh rate, panel type — all have tons of options and good reasons for all of them. But one choice remains contentious: Should your screen be matte, like the displays of olde, or glossy, like a ritzy new HDTV? At CES 2023, Gordon grabbed Connor of Graphically Challenged to duke it out on this decision.

According to Connor, matte finishes are less desirable for super high-res panels, because they diffuse light more frequently and make the individual pixels less distinct. This “oily” look is particularly noticeable on extra-matte finishes. Gordon counters that seeing his shiny head on the panel of a display is the last thing anyone wants (especially if you’re dealing with eye strain).

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