Patriot’s Extreme DDR5 RAM can hit blistering 8000MT/S speeds

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Computer memory is starting to get absolutely nuts, and nowhere is that more clear than in the latest hardware from Patriot’s internal “skunkworks” labs. PCWorld contributor Keith May spoke with the RAM manufacturer at CES 2023, where the company was showing off its new Extreme 5 series of modules. Its top-of-the-line DDR5 hardware is shattering the limits of RAM speed and capability.

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In a standard dual-channel setup with two 16GB sticks, with high-end off-the-shelf parts, the Extreme 5 memory can run stable at 8000MHz and 8000MT/s. Keith ran Cinebench R23 live, twice, just to demonstrate that the setup was operational and rock-solid.

Patriot is planning to have DDR5-8000 memory available in the next month or two (in both RGB and non-RGB flavors), and competitors have also announced similar designs. For more info on the latest PC hardware, be sure to subscribe to PCWorld on YouTube!

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