Save on 3 years of PS Plus Essential for you or your friends

Going to be doing some gaming this fall? That’s a trick question: Of course, you are. That windy weather is creeping in and your Elden Ring character isn’t going to level themselves up. The only question is if you’re going to do it with friends on your Playstation – and if you are, there’s a can’t-miss deal on memberships to the new-ish Playstation Plus Essential plan. Not only do you get access to online play and all the other sweet member benefits, but up to two of your friends can get the same perks.

With the deal, you’re bundling three separate subscriptions to PS Plus Essential, and they’re stackable. That means you can combine all of them for your own three-year membership or spread them out among your Rocket League teammates and squad up for a year.

But let’s back up for those that might be new to Playstation, or to the new tiered membership system for PS Plus that debuted this year. Right now, players can take their pick of three membership levels. PS Plus Essential is the opening tier, and as the name implies, it is indeed essential – at least if you plan on playing online. Your membership opens up access to online play on PS 4 or 5 against a global community of gamers on multiplayer hits like FIFA 22 or the Call of Duty series.

But that’s just the start of the perks. Essential members get access to exclusive discounts and pre-order options for some of the hottest upcoming titles, plus game tips and special upgrades. Best of all, you get free games every month, yours to keep – plus 100GB of cloud storage to keep them with.

Once again, this bundle gives players 3 codes for a one-year subscription to PS Plus Essential, all for $169.99 – a 5% discount off the $179 MSRP.


PlayStation Plus Essential: 3-Yr Subscription Code Bundle – $169.99

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