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Contributor Guidelines

How can you become Vengie contributor?

We are looking for bloggers who can contribute to our site regularly. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email us your name, blog name, and contact information. We will then send you a list of topics to choose from. Once we receive your blog post, we will review it and publish it on our site.

Benefits of Blog Contribution

There are many benefits of blog contribution for businesses. When businesses contribute to blogs, they can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. This can help attract new customers and clients and build trust and credibility with existing ones. Also, blog contributions can help businesses drive website traffic and generate leads. By including links back to their website in their blog posts, businesses can increase their website’s visibility and rank in search engines. This, in turn, can lead to more website visitors and potential customers. Finally, blog contribution can also help businesses to build relationships with other businesses and influencers in their industry. By guest blogging on other blogs or collaborating with other businesses, businesses can expand their reach and network. This can help them to build mutually beneficial relationships that can lead to new opportunities.

Guest Post Submission Guideline

Are you excited about becoming a Vengie’s blog contributor? Guess what? You just need to understand a few things, and you are all set. You will soon be able to “write for us”. Start guest posting in Ireland.

  • Content length should be minimum 650 words. (content should be really good and we recommend 1100 – 1400 words)
  • The content must provide some information and add values to the readers’ information
  • Whatever you write must be original and 100% plagiarism free
  • Write in short sentences and make sure you use Headings
  • You can also insert related Images. JPG or PNG format or we can do it for you
  • The post must be Original and should not be published in any other website
  • The images and other content should not be subject to Copyright (e.g. from Pixabay)
  • You can also Insert 1 DOFOLLOW Link to your article or 2 DOFOLLOW backlinks when content is over 1200 words

Copyright: We respect our readers as well as our writers. If we find that you have copied the posted content, you made plagiarism or posted the same content here and elsewhere, we will strictly block you from publishing on our site and remove all content posted by you from our site. Furthermore, by submitting a post to Vengie, you are giving us the copyright of the post. This helps us deal with any problems related to the EUCD (European Copyright Directive)

We accept blog posts related to topics:

  • Tech news, analysis, software, culture, security
  • Business related, marketing, digital, social media, finance, entrepreneurs, retail
  • Product deals
  • How To guidelines, related with tech, business, life, etc.